Ad Leuconoen 1987
Translated by Ekaterina Chapiro © 2013

Ad Leuconoen

Do not bellow, herald, do not spread rumours. Wait a little, time will go by.
Maybe not tomorrow, but not later — sooner, Rome has been pre-destined to die. 
Enjoy yourself, dear merchant, buy a lot of aspirin — Aspirin won't soon be in store...
Soon everything won't be just as it has been — soon I will be slaughtered at war...

Do not yawn, historian, just write, get on it, observe the planet falter and swerve.
To every century, millennium, moment, pay the tribute that they deserve. 
The lightest breeze and darkest star they will show you. Caesar, fast asleep, moans and snores.
Soon we'll see who has the guts to overthrow you, soon I will be slaughtered at war...

Laugh then, Levkonoia, you must not fear that you're not free to know what's in store.
Trust me on this, certainly it's too clear that you will not get touched by this war.
To know what comes tomorrow, isn't that lonely? Focus on what happens before.
Whereas I, although I know the truth, say only — soon I will be slaughtered at war...