"Между прочим, чтоб в Австралию попасть..." 2011
Translated by Alexei Minayev © 2012

* * *

In the meantime, to Australia to get
you should jump away like crazy from the spot,
so I jumped and almost landed outside.
Everybody stood astonished.

Teacher shrugged, and wrote something in his book
Then he grabbed me by the collar as I was
Walked me straight to see the principal at once
Look, he said, the talent.

Didn't bother looking principal at me,
But I noticed he was looking warm and glad
Even kindly offered me to help myself
To a sandwich with some cold pork

In his drawer, there's a bunch at any time
They're leftovers from the diner for his dog,
By the way, that's an extraordinary wolf
Silly but so handsome.

And he spoke, the chief I mean and not the dog,
"For an interview in Moscow off you go
The committee for Olympics in Sidney
is seeking out wonder children.

Crew is riding by the train tomorrow night
Two are senior and another just like you
Also local, you to jump and him to run
Go pack your bags, lad".

On the train, I looked the runner in the eye
We discussed with him Australia the state,
He contended that he saw it in the grave,
I replied, me too, and in the same place,

Plotted that as soon as we're off the train
Loose adults, they won't catch us anyway
Roam free and independent all we want
Something to remember

So we stomped the lands of Moscow very well
Adding up Old Kremlin's towers and walls
Crossed the Red Square, had a fight, broke up and split,
In 3 miles got back together

By the trampoline at observation deck
We stood quietly while watching the sunset
Sun went down, rain began, the night became
So cold and boring.

Our money vanished since the day was young
As we didn't have them any from the start
Thanks to funny cabbie who at least for free
Drove us back to the railway station

In the terminal, we found vendors' nook
Broke into a counter to get some food
But they locked us in a cell for doing that
No meals for hours.

Give a chalk to me I'll write it on the wall
"Boy named Pavlik from the city of Rostov
He can leap at least as far as Kangaroo
Pretty please just send him home

He will celebrate his birthday in a month,
Turning his sixteen exactly on that day,
In Rostov, he'll go to the police himself
And receive a passport".