Люди сухопутья 1982
Translated by Tanya Wolfson ©


In the sea there are languid jellyfish.
Mid waves a little ship strains cordage.
Her cargo will cater to every wish
Of people living at the world's edge.
    Silver moonlines sweep black water's shifting mounds.
    The captain cannot sleep.
    But we - we are forever landbound.
Staying is simpler than departing.
Breaking is easier than bending.
Forgetting - more difficult than parting.
Perishing - easier than landing.
    Oh how she will wail (in your chest to muffle sound).
    Kind winds to your sail.
    But we - we are forever landbound.
And we have heavy praying duties
To help you survive the main's expanses.
Perhaps you're seafaring Don Quixotes,
That makes us landbound Sancho Panzas.
    And let the whim of fate keep you awash with joy or pain.
    We know how to wait,
    Unlike those out in the main.
You cannot know what the future holds,
Why must you try and embellish it,
Why go to sea and leave the fold?
Because the sea has lanquid jellyfish.
    So that tears may drip, I will sail the world around.
    Good luck, little ship.
    But we - we are forever landbound.
    How sad that we're forever landbound.