Я исполняю всё, что сам себе велю... 1985
Translated by Asya Vaisman © 1997

* * *

I perform anything I tell myself to do, 
I resolutely steer wherever I design. 
And so I told myself that I'm in love with you, 
And I convinced myself. And everything is fine.

Yes, I convinced myself. And to, needless to say, 
Account for any slips and any faults of mine 
I straight-away, right then, went to converse with you 
And I explained to you that everything is fine.

That without you, there's naught, that this wide world is dark 
Not a ray to be seen, not even a small light 
That I have gone quite mad, that everything is bad 
That I'm burning inside, and everything's all right.

Yes, I convinced myself. A century went by 
I clutched the telephone, caught in a fever's height 
I knew that by and by you'd tell me "Nope, bye-bye!" 
I knew you'd tell me "no," and everything's all right.

However, you said "yes," and I burned to a crisp 
For the convictions, yes, in a relentless fight,
Seeing as you said "yes," by a will-o'-the-wisp,
You could dissuade me, yes, that everything's all right.