Колыбельная безумца 1990
Translated by Ekaterina Chapiro © 2013

Madman's Lullaby

Sleep now, my aristocratic forefathers,
Sleep now, my noble commanders, my blue-blooded kings.
Hide in the depths of your chilly and petrified epochs, 
Your lost-beyond-memory, desolate age.
Peacefully rest now -
You've already done all that matters, you did even more than was possible,
Therefore your actions are priceless and you have no equals among the now living -
Lay down to sleep.

Lay now in comfort,
Likewise, you dutiful warriors of ours, co-authors of our victories.
Doze in tranquillity, corpulent cavalry,
Cannoneers, archers, bomb-throwers and war trumpeteers.
May others sleep as well -
That is, the herders of all kinds of suitable cattle,
And servants, those feeding your affable dogs,
And those dogs should sleep also, and all of their furry dog children.

I, while you sleep, in the meanwhile
Subject to critique all the ancient compendiums praising your deeds.
Following that I subject to great criticism
Triumphs of yours, questioning the importance of each.
Following that, which is natural,
I you yourselves will commit to a scrutiny,
And for the sake of completeness your warriors, clearly,
And even the faultless and blameless servants and dogs.

And in the end, I will put to the question my very own questions,
And my very self after that.
Sleep now, my darling forefathers. And when you awaken, you'll realize
All will be different for good...