Свидание с полковником 1990
Translated by Alena Volkova © 2020

Welcome, Colonel

Welcome, colonel, just on time, come on inside.
You look grim: I see you got no sleep last night.
What a hellish weather: let me take your jacket.
Let us put formalities and ranks aside.

Here's a cigar - I hope you haven't quit
And a glass of wine to warm you up a bit
Has a certain bitterness, but quite exquisite,
Generous and delicate, you must admit.

Finish your bordeau and let's discuss at once
How tomorrow morning all the troops advance
Which results in nothing but a mindless bloodshed.
You sir and your regiment don't stand a chance.

High command has spoken and the dice were tossed,
You will give the orders and neglect the cost,
Orders which complete the chain and start the battle:
Less than in an hour it will all be lost.

Sixty minutes and the whole brigade is slain 
Just for some unobvious strategic gain.
This is not a laughing matter, mind you, colonel.
Or as they would say in French it is "pas bien"

My solution can be formulated so:
In the chain there is a link that has to go.
That's exactly why I called you here, colonel,
That is why I poisoned your Château Margaux.

Who was cruel here and whose side was right
We'll discuss some other place some other night
I can see your pupils are dilated, colonel,
It will soon be over, it's no use to fight

Farewell, my friend, please do not take offense
I'm afraid my schedule for tonight is dense
I have yet to offer drinks to many others,
And I'm rather not inclined to change my plans.